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LEED Specific Courses
Welcome to GreenCE’s list of LEED Specific Hour Continuing Education courses for all Design Professionals Courses are
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GreenCE will provide all participants with a Certificate of Completion and report credits to AIA for members. LEED Professionals must self-report their hours through For more information on the CMP and a step-by-step guide to reporting your CMP activity, see the CMP Guide.
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Courses on this LEED Specific tab have been reviewed and approved by GBCI as professional development hours for the LEED Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) as LEED SPECIFIC. Every two years, LEED Green Associates must complete 15 CE hours (12 general and 3 LEED Specific), and LEED APs with Specialty must complete 30 CE hours (24 general and 6 LEED Specific). Courses under the GBCI General Hours tab have been approved for general GBCI hours.
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Course Completed
.10 Things You Need to Know about LEED v4
Grow your insights into the new LEED v4 rating system.  We explore the fundamental concepts behind the development of LEED v4, including the expansion of the system into new market sectors as well as internationally.
GCE00E - 1 hour, Price $29.00
Achieving LEED Energy Optimization Points: From Design to Funding
Energy is one of the biggest impact areas of buildings. Yet many teams struggle to achieve energy savings in their projects due to confusion over costs and strategies that can achieve energy savings cost effectively. This course will cover 7 Ways to Optimize Energy Design – without breaking the bank. From integrated design to incentives, discover how to achieve higher performance on your next project.
GEV00C - 1 hour, Price $29.00
Calculating Indoor Water Use Reduction for LEED
NEW COURSE! Gain practical experience applicable to a LEED BD+C or ID+C project. This online audio course includes hands-on training for the Indoor Water Use Reduction credit and prerequisite. The presenter coaches participants to complete these LEED credit calculations by hand, providing a solid foundation for the variables, assumptions and calculation methodologies. Participants will also practice with the LEED Online template that is required for LEED documentation.
GGS00A - 1 hour, Price $29.00
Calculating Recycled Content for LEED
NEW AUDIO COURSE! This course includes practical knowledge regarding Recycled Content materials within the LEED NC, CI and EBOM Rating Systems and demonstrates how to properly complete the LEED calculations for recycled content using both Post-consumer and Pre-consumer. Complete calculations both by hand and by utilizing the LEED MRc4 template. These guided practice problems will help participants gain a working understanding of these calculations for implementation on LEED projects.
GGS00B - 1 hour, Price $29.00
Construction Activity Pollution Prevention: Critical Planning and Practice
The pollutants generated by construction activities cause numerous detrimental side effects to the environment. Limiting a project's effect on soil erosion, waterway sedimentation and airborne dust generation will make valuable impacts on our planet. In this course, the presenter will guide the audience through initial planning efforts for erosion and sediment control and introduce selection and installation techniques for commonly used best management practices. Successful implementation of these strategies is critical for any project in pursuit of LEED accreditation, as this is a prerequisite credit for award.
GKP00C - 1 hour, Price $29.00
Creating & Implementing a Successful Indoor Air Quality Plan
UPDATED. This audio course draws on real-life LEED project experience and examples to train the audience in good techniques for both creating and implementing a successful Indoor Air Quality Plan. It focuses on the implementation of IEQ Credits 3.1 and 3.2, but also addresses related credits. The course guides the audience through both the design and construction phase strategies as well as operations, and provides invaluable resources for the design and construction team.
GSP00B - 1 hour, Price $29.00
Cultivating Young Minds: A Net-Zero School for Tomorrow's Leaders
A new Music and Science complex was added to the Hood River Middle School in 2010, earning LEED Platinum certification. Through a series of interviews with the school faculty and the design team, we explore the creation of a net-zero-energy building that complements the children’s studies of the balance of nature.
VGC00N - 1 hour, Price $29.00
Existing Building Commissioning Process
Learn about the RetroCommissioning process and how to implement this process on an existing building, with lessons learned from a commissioning professional and professional engineers.
GGB00B - 1 hour, Price $35.00
Introduction to Existing Building Commissioning and EBCx for LEED
Learn about existing building commissioning and how this applies to LEED and your project, with lessons learned from commissioning professionals.
GGB00A - 1 hour, Price $35.00
LEED for Contractors: Credit Responsibilities: Part 1 – Sustainable Sites and Indoor Environmental Quality
UPDATED! Get to know the roles and responsibilities of the contractor for Sustainable Sites (SS) and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) credits in this 1.5 hour audio course. We will review which SS and IEQ credits have primary responsibility with the contractor, provide a step-by-step action list for each credit, and share valuable tools for documenting and tracking. The course features hands-on LEED Online template tutorials, and helpful tips for implementation, tracking and documentation throughout. Great insight for all project team members!
GGC00B - 1.5 hour, Price $42.00
LEED for Contractors: Credit Responsibilities: Part 2 - Materials and Resources
UPDATED! This course continues exploring the role of the contractor and the specific Materials and Resources (MR) credits for which they are primarily responsible in this 1.5 hour audio course. We will provide a step-by-step action list for MR credits 3-7, and share valuable tools for documenting and tracking required data. The course features hands-on LEED Online template tutorials, and helpful tips for implementation, tracking and documentation throughout. Great insight for all project team members! (Participation in Part 1 is not required)
GGC00C - 1.5 hour, Price $42.00
LEED for Neighborhood Development: Practical Approaches and Case Studies
This course on LEED for Neighborhood Development provides case studies and on-the-ground information from leading industry professionals to give participants an insightful perspective and deeper understanding of sustainable neighborhood development and the ND certification.
GAN00B - 1 hour, Price $35.00
LEED Management for New Construction and Core & Shell Projects
As design teams create LEED rated buildings, new tasks and documents must be created. This course will teach design team members and owners how to integrate sustainable design and related LEED tasks into standard design phases. We will discuss which LEED credits should be addressed in each design phase, and new feasibility, analysis and meetings that should be accounted for in budgets and scheduling. The course will also review the LEED Application process, and present tips on using LEED Online to manage the LEED documentation process.
GEV00B - 1 hour, Price $29.00
LEED Project Management for Contractors
This course provides an overview of the specific roles and responsibilities of the Contractor for the LEED BD&C rating systems for each phase of construction – from pre-construction to project close-out. Tips and tricks, as well as a step-by-step action list will help Contractors – and their Sub-Contractors - successfully implement LEED practices, whether their first LEED project or their fiftieth.
GTF00C - 1 hour, Price $29.00
LEED Retail Intro: Addressing the Challenges of Green Store Design
This course provides an introduction to the newest LEED product, LEED Retail 2009, which includes both LEED Retail NC and LEED Retail CI. The course will help retail designers and retail project managers understand the challenges that retailers had using the standard LEED system that led to the creation of an alternative LEED product for retail. Any LEED AP working on retail projects will eventually need to learn how the LEED Retail system differs and explain to their clients the background of LEED Retail and discuss where the biggest opportunities lie in the context of green retail design.
GEV00E - 1 hour, Price $29.00
LEEDv4: Energy-Efficiency from Building to Site and Beyond
Welcome to the future of green building, LEED v4. The most stringent iteration of the national standard to date, LEED v4 includes a host of changes, some big, some small, particularly regarding energy. This course will help you understand and navigate the new energy landscape in v4, focusing on BD+C New Construction & Major Renovations. We’ll discuss the science behind the new Impact Categories, and how they translate to Energy related credit weighting and point distribution. Learn about specific LEED credits and changes, including the new metering prerequisite and adoption of ASHRAE 90.1-2010, and energy impacts in the new category Location and Transportation. We’ll connect this to the latest industry findings and a look at the evolving project strategies, tools, methods and resources that can help you boost energy savings on your next project!
GEV00G - 1 hour, Price $35.00
Low-Impact Development: A Sustainable Site Design Approach for LEED NC and O+M
This course provides a review of LEED management best practices, including integrating LEED tasks into standard design phases. It brings tips based in the author’s extensive experience with numerous LEED projects to all LEED APs, and references current USGBC/GBCI LEED products including LEED 2009, LEED Online and Certification process.
GEV00F - 1 hour, Price $29.00
Raising Green Building Awareness Through Occupant Engagement
NEW AUDIO COURSE! Want your building occupants to have a greater understanding of the green building features you designed – and achieve an innovation credit? A look at LI ID#3115 will illustrate how to develop the title and intent, environmental benefits, requirements, and approaches and strategies when utilizing a LEED project as a teaching tool. While several case studies for LEED-NC and LEED for Schools are examined, we will also discover how the applicability matrix of the LEED Interpretations and Addenda Database for this LI can be applied to LEED CI and EBOM rating systems.
GEI00A - 1 hour, Price $29.00
Sustainable Sites: Site Selection Criteria
VIDEO DOCUMENTARY! Emphasizing the importance of restoration and preservation of natural habitats, this one hour educational film explores issues confronting design professionals when selecting a building site. With a focus on reducing environmental impacts from building on or near environmentally sensitive sites, such as on farmland or near wetlands, the course delves into the requirements of Sustainable Sites Credit 1 (Site Selection) for the current BD&C LEED rating system. Real life examples of LEED projects are presented during interviews with Subject Matter Experts, including illustrations of implementation and lessons learned during the LEED process. Requires audio/video capabilities.
VGC00F - 1 hour, Price $29.00
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